Tours in Ecuador

Our mainland operations are considered one of the most dynamic due to the flexibility we provide to pick and choose the best extensions before or after our cruise trip. We provide different options to suit any traveler’s taste. Visit the highlands which is the home to the majestic Andes; go to the Pacific Coast to enjoy delicious cuisine and blue watery beaches; make a stop by Cuenca the third largest city in the country, or go into an adventure in the Amazon Jungle. Peru is also a popular destination to visit iconic landmarks such as Macchu Picchu, Cusco and Lima.


Visit a region with one of the highest biodiversity on the planet: the Amazon Jungle. This natural reserve is the perfect place for adventures between various ecosystems, crystal clear rivers, unique wildlife, exotic flora and amazing waterfalls that create the perfect environment to explore and enjoy. It is also the home to various indigenous populations that are hidden between the lush green rainforest.

Casa del Suizo

Day 1: Quito - Casa del Suizo
Day 2: Misahuallí
Day 3: Misahuallí 
Day 4: Casa del Suizo – Quito

Sacha Lodge

Día 1: Quito - Sacha Lodge 

Día 2: Sacha Lodge - Caminatas por los afluyentes del Río Napo  

Día 3: Sacha Lodge - recorrido en canoa

Día 4: Sacha Lodge - Quito 

Sacha Lodge

Day 1: Quito – Coca (B)
Day 2: Amazonia (B,L,D)
Day 3: Amazonia (B,L,D)
Day 4: Amazonia (B,L,D)
Day 5: Amazonia - QUITO (B)

 Casa del Suizo

Day 1: Quito - Jungle Lodge 
Day 2: Misahuallí
Day 3: Jungle Lodge - Quito