Tours in Ecuador

Our mainland operations are considered one of the most dynamic due to the flexibility we provide to pick and choose the best extensions before or after our cruise trip. We provide different options to suit any traveler’s taste. Visit the highlands which is the home to the majestic Andes; go to the Pacific Coast to enjoy delicious cuisine and blue watery beaches; make a stop by Cuenca the third largest city in the country, or go into an adventure in the Amazon Jungle. Peru is also a popular destination to visit iconic landmarks such as Macchu Picchu, Cusco and Lima.


Also knows as the “Pacific Pearl” is a vibrant city that offers beautiful sites for visitors to enjoy. It is one of the biggest cities in Latin America where historical marks are found in its city center and are mixed with the modernity of its Guayas River´s Malecon 2000. Find picturesque and colorful neighborhoods, colonial historical parks, nature and beautiful landscapes in a city with various activities and great cuisine.

Guayaquil Sightseeing & Churute

Mangroves Ecological Reserve Architecture, Nature & Wildlife, Culture, History. The boardwalk of Malecón 2000 & Mangroves - fl ora & fauna (BL)

Pathway through the Andean from the Pacifi c Coast

Day 1: Guayaquil - El Cajas National Park - Cuenca.
Day 2: Cuenca - Inca Cañari Ingapirca Ruins - Alausí. (B)
Day 3: Alausí - Devil’s Nose Train - Baños. (B, BL)
Day 4: Baños - Cotopaxi - Quito. (B)

City Pack Guayaquil - Oro Verde Hotel Deluxe, 2nights, 2breakfast, city tour, tickets, tax

Day 1.- Oro Verde Hotel Accommodation

Day 2.- Guayaquil & its Museums 4 hours. Accommodation Oro Verde Hotel

Day 3.- Breakfast 

Transfer in or out (airport - hotel or vice versa)

Transfer in or out (airport - hotel or vice versa)

Guayaquil & its Museums

Contemporary Architecture, Archaeology, History. Visit the 19th century neighborhood of Las Peñas, the boardwalk of Malecón 2000, La Rotonda monument and archaeological museum of the Central Bank.

Guayaquil & Botanical Garden

Architecture, Nature & Wildlife, Botany, Culture, History. Guayaquil city tour and the Botanical Garden. Observation of the area’s flora.

Guayaquil and its Fountain lights

Contemporary, Architecture, Archeology, History and Families.
Neighborhood of Las Peñas, the boardwalk of Malecón 2000-Fountain lights at night.

Guayaquil & the Historic Park

Architecture, Nature & Wildlife, Culture, History. Guayaquil city tour and the Historic Park. Observation of the area’s fauna.

Tropical Hacienda & its Flora y Fauna

Nature & Wildlife, Gastronomy. Discover everyday life on a tropical hacienda in Ecuador-Café & Banana Plantations (L)