Net $39 per person Including BreakFast & Dinner


Social Community Tourism

karanki magdalena

The Karanki Magdalena Lodge belongs to the Indigenous Community of Magdalena, located north of Quito, at the slopes of the Imbabura Volcano near Otavalo (known for hosting the most famous Indigenous market in America). Home of Atahualpa, the last of the Inca Emperors, Karanki Magdalena is at approximately 9,842 feet above sea level with a privileged location surrounded by valleys and lagoons.
Enjoy a overnight in 6 family homes: Single, Double, Triple rooms with private bathroom, cold and hot water, hairdryer, biodegradable soap and shampoo, fireplace, board games. Rates include breakfast and dinner.

  • Sunflower House: 1 matrimonial & 2 twin beds – 6 guests
  • Cypress House: 1 triple room & 1 matrimonial - 5 guests
  • Roses House: 2 twin beds – 4 guests
  • Geraniums House: 1 matrimonial & 1 triple room – 5 guests
  • Myrtle House: 1 triple room & 1 twin beds & 1 single – 7 guests
  • Alder House:  2 triple - 6 guests
  • Total passengers that can overnight in the community: 33.

house karanki magdalena

house karanki magdalena
house karanki magdalena

cuarto karanki

cocina karanki

kids karanki magdalena

This is a Go Galapagos - KleinTours’ social program that promotes cross-cultural experiences with travelers from around the globe, guests may participate in local everyday activities, outdoor excursions or stay overnight in family homes. These families have been trained in hostelry, cooking, hygiene & health, accounting and will start with English classes. Tourists can participate in daily local activities such as razing their animals, planting, harvesting products such as potatoes, corn, quinoa and more.

karanki magdalena tour

Optional Activities and cultural connections: Along with lodging, gastronomy lessons (learn how to cook typical local dishes), milking, sheepherding, biking, hiking and horseback riding in nearby mountains and hidden treasures such as the Cubilche mount. By night, enjoy a traditional folklore dance, performed by the young members of the community.

What to do nearby?

Hop on the Liberty train using the Chaski Route to the Salinas Afro - Ecuadorian community, the Otavalo Indigenous market, Peguche looms, Cuicocha & San Pablo lagoons, as well as the Cotacachi leather workshops and the San Antonio de Ibarra handcrafts market.

Community Activities Karanki Magdalena

Activities - $3 each

maiz magdalena

Ancestral Flavors. Duration: 15 minutes

Typical cinnamon alcoholic beverage – one cup. Duration: 15 minutes.

animals karanki magdalena

Cows, chicken, pork. Duration: 30minutes

karanki magdalena tour

Crop or Plant – Organic orchards. Duration: 1hour

Community members demonstrate local planting techniques, including the materials and animals used to farm a variety of products including potatoes, quinoa, lupin, corn, beans, wheat and other vegetables depending on their harvesting seasons.

To plow their land they use oxen, and have no need for fuel, thus protecting their environment. The Karanki culture creates their own “guachos” (rows of land for sowing), and use spades, curved shovels and yokes, or wooden rests with robes attached to them that the ox pulls as it plows the land.

animals karanki magdalena

Milk the family cow – 06:00. Duration: 30minutes

pan maiz karanki magdalena

Traditional corn bread - 06:00. Duration: 1 hour

bordar magdalena

Weave a craft. Duration: 3hours

Activities - $12 each

Gastronomic demonstration – prepare your meal with your indigenous family, traditional menu, dinner included

karanki magdalena tour

An outdoor bonfire will keep you in harmony with nature. Min. 4 persons ($48)

karanki magdalena tour

Early in the morning you can join in on local shepherding activities. For the indigenous Karanki community of Magdalena shepherding is of central importance.

Shepherds use their animals for wool and meat.

They are rather common in the highlands and their wool protects them from rain and low temperatures.

Accompanied by a local guide, you can also admire the beautiful landscapes of this Andean region.

Duration: 2 hours

hike karanki magadalena

15833 feet above sea level

Departure from the indigenous community of Magdalena, accompanied by a local community guide. On the slopes of Cubilche Volcano, you’ll find natural caves and abandoned mines previously used for building material extraction which shelter a variety of different animals and plant species.

At the summit, we will explore the remains of different crater formations. In one of them we can find a lagoon of approximately 100 meters in diameter.

This peak is a privileged lookout site of the beautiful San Pablo Lake and surrounding populated areas.

To the Northeast you’ll be able to see the valley of Ibarra and Lake Yahuarcocha; to the east the snow-capped Cayambe and Zuleta Valley; and to the west Mount Imbabura.

Duration: 2 hours

Mountain Biking karanki

Landscapes, local floral & fauna. Biking equipment included, max. 12 passengers.

Duration: 2 hours

Horseback riding karanki

Marvelous landscapes, Magdalena community surroundings

Duration: 2 hours


1. What to Bring?

  • Comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots.
  • Rubber boots and rain ponchos (for rent at the community).
  • Waterproof pants.
  • Windbreakers, warm evening clothes.
  • Cap or hat, sunscreen, insect repellent.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Binoculars.
  • Small waterproof backpack.
  • Camera.
  • Plastic bags for garbage
  • Umbrella

2. How can I get to the community?

From Quito, take the “Panamericana Norte E35” towards the San Pablo Lake (56 miles), before reaching this lake take the Ugsha - Zuleta road (9 miles).
From the population of Zuleta, take the main Avenue towards the Magdalena bridge which is the entrance to this Community (2 miles).

From Quito, take the “Panamericana Norte E35” towards the city of Ibarra (85 miles), you´ll reach “Av. Atahualpa”; continue towards the population of Esperanza. Pass by the Atahualpa Museum and continue this road towards the bridge of Magdalena where this Community begins (6miles).

map karanki magdalena

3. What kind of weather can I expect in Magdalena?

The average temperature is 57F (14ºC) during the morning and 47F (8ºC) at night. Rainy season goes from September to May and summer from June to September.

4. Do the people of the community speak English?

No they don’t, but the guide will be with you and there are radios in the houses to communicate with each other.

5. How can I pay for the extra services?

Extra activities should be booked beforehand with, if not payments can only be paid in cash directly to the family who will give you an invoice.

6. Is there a hospital or medical assistance nearby?

There are clinics and a hospital in Ibarra 16km (9.94 mi) away (30 min) working 24-hours.